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Toshi Sunhat Storytime Fishing

Size Guide
Toshi Hats and Beanies Size Guide

Toshi is a designer lifestyle brand based in Melbourne, Australia. The brand is dedicated to the creation of accessories for babies and children, children hats and beanies, baby gifts and organic products. The designers at Toshi pay great details to offer products that are beautiful, aesthetically driven, high quality and functional.


The following guide is for Toshi hats and Toshi beanies. Please note that sizing and fit is variable and dependent on several factors such as stretch component, knit tension and the varying fabric construction. The following is an approximate size guide. Please contact Summer Lane at 02 9518 3061 or email us at if you have any questions. We generally suggest going up a size if the child is on the cusp of the next size. Additionally, the organic beanies tend to run a bit smaller than the classic headwear. This means that a small size in the organic range may measure a bit smaller than a small size in the classic range.

XXS - approx. 37cm - premmy to newborn

XS - approx. 43cm - up to eight months

S - approx. 52cm - eight months to two years

M - approx. 54cm - two years to small grown up (approximately 4 year old)

L - approx 56cm - big kid to grown up (approximately 4 years and up)

XL - approx. 58cm - bigger kids to bigger grown ups

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A fun and quirky sunhat for your little boy this summer, the Toshi Sunhat Storytime Fishing will make sure they stay safe in the sun. With a fun fishing-figure print on a fresh white background, this hat is sure to compliment any outfit.

Perfect for keeping their face, ears, neck and eyes shaded while out and about in the sun, the Storytime Sunhat has an excellent, wide brim. It also has an adjustable toggle tie at the crown, to ensure the most comfortable fit. There's even a handy toggle-tie at the chin to help keep the hat secure.

The Toshi Sunhat Storytime in Fishing is a fun and practical sunhat. It makes a thoughtful gift, and is a great choice for your own little boy.


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