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Toshi Organic Pullover Flower Ash

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A delightful addition to your little girl’s winter wardrobe, the Toshi Organic Pullover Flower in Ash is as comfortable as it is cute. 


Created from 100% organic cotton, this lovely pullover will be soft and warm against their skin, while still being gentle and breathable.
Organic cotton has been grown without chemicals, and has been farmed and manufactured in a way that is both socially and environmentally responsible, making it a fantastic choice for your little girl, and for the planet. 


This beautiful pullover features lovely, hand-embroidered pale pink flowers on a versatile ash-grey, so this pullover will look lovely with any little outfit, and keep your little one nice and warm when she’s out and about. 



Stylish & versatile ash-grey colour
Hand embroidered flowers
♡ Button at back of neck for easy dressing
Soft, organic cotton ensures comfort
Matching “Flower” beanie available

This gift is recommended for: 
 Birthday gift
Holiday or other special occasion gift
“just because” gift

Material: 100% Certified Organic  Cotton Yarn

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