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Toshi Alphabet Rose

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This gift is recommended for: 
♡Newborn gift
♡Baby shower gift
♡ "just because" gift

Material:70% cotton patchwork, 30% cardboard

Please note: as every Toshi Alphabet Rose Letter is unique, we do not have images for them all, and images provided are a guideline. Upon your order, we will choose the best possible combination available. 

The Toshi Alphabet in Rose are a stunning and unique range of letters, perfect for decorating your little one's room. Each letter is made from patchwork fabric, in gorgeous, colourful designs. The letters are each entirely unique, just like your little one. Part of the Toshi patchwork range, the designs have been selected with an eye for style and expressive design. They are also lightweight, with a string to hang, so they are easy to display. Toshi Alphabet in Rose individual letters make a lovely gift for newborns, and a full name is something truly special.


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