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Tiger Tribe

Tiger Tribe Magna Carry Forest Fairies

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The Tiger Tribe Magna Carry Forest Fairies is a gorgeous magnetic play activity that kids will love. Perfect for play on the go, this fold-out magnetic board is colourful and bright, with a lovely fairy themed forest scene, as well as two pages of lovely fairy magnets. Kids can create stories and mix up the scenes, engaging their imaginations in a set that's compact, portable and mess free. Perfect for car or plane trips or just taking to a cafe, the Tiger Tribe Magna Carry Forest Fairies is sure to be loved. 

♡ Fold-out fairy themed magnetic board

♡ Comes with 3 pages of fairy magnets
♡ Perfect for travel
♡ Has an easy carry handle, in a compact folder style

This gift is recommended for: 
♡ Birthday or holiday gift

♡ Travel or cafe play
♡ "just because" gift 

Recommended for ages: 3+

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