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Tiger Tribe Magna Carry Emergency Rescue

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Emergency, emergency! Save the day, fight fires, direct the traffic and even rescue kittens with the Tiger Tribe Magna Carry Emergency Rescue. 

Compact and portable, with an easy carry handle, the Magna Carry is a fold-out magnetic board with an imaginative background, which comes with two pages of super fun "Emergency Rescue" themed magnets. Kids can create all sorts of fun scenes and stories, playing again and again. Mess free and fuss free, this is a perfect way to encourage their imaginations and keep them entertained while on the go, whether it's a long car trip or down to the local café.

The Tiger Tribe Magna Carry Emergency Rescue is a fun and thoughtful gift for any child, and makes a great portable activity for your own children too.  

♡ Fold-out "emergency rescue" themed magnetic board

♡ Comes with two pages of fun magnets
♡ Perfect for portable play
♡ Has an easy carry handle & is a compact folder style

This gift is recommended for: 
♡ Birthday or holiday gift

♡ Travel or cafe play
♡ "just because" gift 

Recommended for ages: 3+

Dimensions: 26cm wide by 24cm tall by 1cm deep

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