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Tiger Tribe

Tiger Tribe Glitter Tape Art Sparkle Pop

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The super fun Tiger Tribe Glitter Tape Art Sparkle Pop kit is a fantastic way for kids to unleash their creativity. Colourful, spotty, glittery and loads of fun, this set contains five rolls of tape, so you can create gorgeous tape artwork on the cut-out cards included. 

With this kit, kids add the tape on the inside of the cards, so it shows through the cut-out space. The tape can be done across, up and down, so the only limit is the imagination as kids create wonderful patterns and fun designs, ending up with wonderfully unique cards for any occasion.

The Tiger Tribe Glitter Tape Art Sparkle Pop Kit contains everything needed to make 6 beautiful, unique cards, all contained in the new-style, self-contained craft box. This set is loads of fun and a brilliant gift, that kids can use at home, when out and about, or when travelling. 

♡ 6 printed cards with cut-out windows
♡ 5 different rolls of glitter tape
♡ 1 glitter gel pen
♡ Contained in storage box

This gift is appropriate/recommended for:
Birthday or holiday  gift
Travel or cafe play
"Just-because" gift

Dimensions boxed:  25cm tall by 19cm wide by 5cm deep

Recommended for ages: 5+ years

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