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Love to Dream

Swaddle Up by Love To Dream Original White

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The Swaddle Up by Love To Dream Original in White is a fantastically practical and intelligent solution to your little one's sleep needs. The Swaddle Up is designed in such a way that it's fit mimics the feel of the womb, providing a sense of security and comfort for your baby, soothing their startle reflex. This allows them to sleep longer and more soundly, letting them (and you) get the precious rest they need.

The Swaddle Up not only has the traditional benefits of swaddling; it's innovative Arms UP design allows bub to sleep with their arms in a comfortable and natural wing position. This is safer, as it can help prevent them rolling onto their tummy, and also allows to self-soothe themselves back to sleep.

The Swaddle Up by Love to Dream is made cotton elastane, which is comfortable and breathable, whatever the season. Therefore, the risk of bub becoming overheated is reduced, providing peace of mind for you, and comfort and safety for them. The clever design of this swaddle also means it only requires zipping for you to get bub in or out. This saves heaps of time, and is super simple, making life that little bit easier for you and bub.

The Original Swaddle Up by Love To Dream in White is gender neutral, and extremely practical, making it a fantastic gift for any newborn or baby shower. They are highly recommended by parents and experts alike, so you know you are getting the best sleep solution for your baby. The Love to Dream range also includes transition swaddles to sleeping bags (Love to Dream 50/50) and the Love to Dream Inventa Sleep Bag- so there's a sleep solution for every stage of their lives. 

This gift is appropriate /recommended for:
♡ baby showers
♡ newborn gifts
♡ "just because" gift

Sizing guide: 
Small: 3-6kg, up to 58cm long

Medium: 6-8.5kg, up to 67cm long
Large: 8.5-11kg, up to 75cm long

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