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Swaddle Up by Love To Dream Original Grey

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The  Swaddle Up by Love To Dream Original in Grey is an innovative and intelligent way to swaddle your bub. The design is functional, and extremely safe. Unlike multi-layer swaddles, the Love To Dream is a single layer swaddle made from trans-seasonal cotton elastane, and it is extremely breathable, to help prevent overheating.  Overheating for babies is dangerous, so Love to Dream have taken innovative steps to reduce this risk, keeping your little one safe.

 The Swaddle Up allows babies to sleep with their arms in a more natural "wing" position, which has a multitude of benefits for both you and bub. Arms up means that babies are safer, as it helps prevent them rolling onto their tummies during the night, and stops them scratching their faces.  This position also allows them to self soothe, which means they will sleep more soundly and for longer, so you both get an uninterrupted night of rest.

The fit is comfortable, but firm, so babies will be comforted and feel secure, and this also soothes their startle reflex, allowing them to sleep calmly. The swaddle up is a single-layer zip up, bub won't become unwrapped during the night, which can not only wake them, but could mean they become tangled.

The  Swaddle Up is extremely practical, as it is quick and easy to place bub in the swaddle, and zip it up, and equally simple to take them out again for nappy changes. The Swaddle Up by Love To Dream is a smart, safe swaddle, designed with practicality, safety and security in mind. It is highly recommended by parents, who have found their little one sleeps soundly when they use it. It makes a practical gift for baby showers, and is a fantastic gift for your own little one.

This gift is appropriate /recommended for: 
♡ baby showers
♡ newborn gifts
♡ "just because" gift

Sizing guide: 
Small: 3-6kg, up to 58cm long

Medium: 6-8.5kg, up to 67cm long
Large: 8.5-11kg, up to 75cm long

Material:93% cotton, 7% elastane

*Please note it is extremely important to get the correct fit for your baby, ensuring it is neither too tight or too loose. 


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