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The Swaddle Up by Love To Dream 50/50 is the genius transition swaddle that makes transitioning from swaddle to sleeping bag easy. The Swaddle Up 50/50 minimises the disturbance to your baby's sleep routine, so everyone gets a good night's sleep.

The 50/50 can be used just like the Original Swaddle Up By Love to Dream until your baby is ready to start transitioning. Then, when they are ready, it's easy to zip-off one or both wings, so the swaddle becomes an arms free sleeping bag, that is still snug and secure. The Swaddle Up by Love To Dream 50/50 is made from cotton elastane, which is breathable and stretchy. This helps to reduce the risk of overheating, which can be extremely dangerous for bubs.

The single layer fabric has the benefit of security, as there is no danger of unravelling, keeping baby safer and more secure all night long.The front zipper means that getting bub in and out of the swaddle is quick and easy, with no hassle for you or bub. The swaddle is also super comfy, with no inner seams to irritate your little one.

The 50/50 Swaddle Up by Love To Dream is a fantastic solution for what can be an unsettling time for your little one. It helps bubs adjust from swaddles to arms-free, independent sleep, in a way that will ensure they still feel secure and soothed. The Swaddle Up 50/50 is a great choice if your bub is starting to roll, as it will keep them safe, and their precious sleep time will stay uninterrupted.

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♡ baby showers
♡ newborn gifts
♡ "just because" gift

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