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Seedling Let's Make Mini Mermaids

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The Seedling Let's Make Mini Mermaids kit makes a great gift, as once they have finished making their mermaids, they have something they can treasure for a very long time.

This cute little kit by Seedling lets you create your very own Mini Mermaids. Seedling craft kits allow kids to expand their creativity, encouraging self-expression and artistic skills. They're great for doing with mum or dad, and allow them to expand their skills and experiences.

Kit Includes:
♡ 2
 Wooden peg dolls
♡ Kraft paper mermaid tails
♡ Glitter glue
♡ Rhinestones
♡ Glitter Glue
♡ Embroidery thread
♡ Instructions

Recommended for ages: 4+ years 

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