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Seedling I Can Design My Own Bow & Arrow

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The Seedling Bow and Arrow kit lets them design their own bow and arrows, getting creative as they assemble, paint and decorate them. Benefits of this include enhancing their creative, problem solving and fine motor skills. They also then earn a sense of accomplishment, as they see their fabulous finished creation- the result of all their hard work and concentration, which also can teach them about the rewards of delayed gratification.

Once it is completed, kids can then get active, practicing their archery and developing their co-ordination and motor skills. The finished Bow and Arrow can also be used in imaginative play, as they pretend to be Robin Hood, or go on daring,  exciting, epic adventures in their own back yard.  Seedling kits make wonderful gifts for kids, expanding upon their own natural talent, and rewarding their efforts with something wonderful they can treasure. Seedling kits are also tremendously diverse, and with such a fantastic range available, there's sure to be something for every creative little being. 


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