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Seedling Littles Dress Up & Play Animal Ears Headband

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The Seedling Littles Animal Ears Headband Kit is a fantastic way to encourage little ones in pretend play. This fun kit includes 4 sets of animal ears, to match or mix up, so kids can pretend to be a rabbit, mouse, lamb or deer, or create their very own unique mystical creatures. A great way to add some fun creativity to any dress up, it's also an easy way to encourage pretend play when on the go, making it a perfect gift. 

The Seedling Littles Collection has been designed to nurture imagination and inspire confidence in young children, creating engaging experiences they'll remember for years to come.These beautiful kits aid in the development of skills like creativity, social skills, problem solving and fine motor skills, and focus on modern values of play and design. 

Kit Includes:
♡  Child size stretchy headband
♡ 2 Velcro Rabbit Ears
♡ 2 Velcro Mouse Ears
♡ 2 Velcro Lamb Ears
♡ 2 Velcro Antlers
♡ Velcro Flower & Bow Accessories  

This gift is appropriate/ recommended for:
♡ Birthday gift
♡ Holiday or other special occasion gift
♡ "just because" gift 

Recommended for ages: 3+ 

Dimensions boxed: 27cm wide by 25cm tall by 7cm deep

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