Schleich Coral Reef Diver

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Explore the amazing coral reefs with the Schleich Coral Reef Diver Set. Perfect for any child who loves imaginary play or the ocean, this set is entertaining and educational, as they learn about the ocean habitat, and encourages their imagination too.

This adventurous diver is exploring the wonderful reef, full of colourful coral, when he stumbles across a shark, resting on the ocean floor! It's a nurse shark, a rather sluggish shark, which have barbels on their lower jaw, similiar to the whiskers of a cat. The shark uses their barbels to detect scents in the water, discovering their prey. Its favourite foods to eat are sea urchins, lobsters and crabs- it sucks these out of crevices, instead of using its teeth. Nurse Sharks can be dangerous, but only if really provoked.
The diver is learning lots about this fantastic shark. What else will they discover...? 

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