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Schleich Children's Zoo Playset

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There's some gorgeous baby animals here on the farm, and they're waiting to meet the little visitors. Baby bunnies, a lamb,a calf and even a pygmy goat are all here, ready for some yummy carrots or apples, and then some cuddles with the children. 

The Schleich Children's Zoo Playset is a gorgeous set for any child who loves animals or imaginative play. With a range of beautifully detailed baby animals in the set, as well as fun accessories such as food, and hay for the animals to enjoy, this set is sure to provide endless fun. Schleich Toys are beautiful, with realistic details, and are fun to collect. This set makes an excellent gift.

♡ Set contains: 1x calf, 1x lamb, 1x goat, 1x group of bunnies, 1x hay bale, 2x apples bunch, 1x carrot bunch,1x crate, 6x fences
♡ Beautifully realistic and detailed
♡ Great for encouraging imaginative play
♡ Set comes boxed

This gift is appropriate /recommended for: 
♡ Birthday or holiday gift
♡ Holiday or special occasion gift
♡ "just because" gift 

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