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Schleich Barn With Accessories

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A gorgeous gift for any child who loves all things farms or animals, the Schleich Barn with Accessories comes with fun farm animals and everything needed to set them up comfortably. With a massage machine for the cows and calves, spacious stalls, an outdoor enclosure and much, much more, kids will have so much fun setting up and running their fabulous new farm.
A terrific way to encourage imaginative play and teach children about all sorts of different animals, and the running of farms, this Schleich Barn Set is sure to be loved by kids and makes a fantastic gift.


♡ Barn
♡ 1x cow & 1x calf
♡ 1x farmer
♡ 4x fence
♡ 1x ladder
♡ 1x pitchfork
♡ 1x lettuce, 1x radish
♡ 2x hay 
♡ 1x flower box
♡ 1x crate
♡ 1x wheelbarrow
♡ 1x water bowl
♡ 1x bucker
♡ Set includes: massage machine for cows, spacious stalls, outdoor enclosure
♡ Great for encouraging imaginative play

This gift is appropriate /recommended for: 
♡ Birthday or holiday gift
♡ Holiday or special occasion gift
♡ "just because" gift 

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