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Saltwater Women's Sandals Original Silver

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Stylish, elegant and the ultimate in every day comfort, Salt Water Sandals Original in Silver are sure to be your new favourite sandals this summer.
Combining a classic, versatile style with a lovely silver design, these sandals will look and feel great, complementing any outfit you pair them with.  Perfect for long days at the beach, dressing up or down,and wearing around all summer long, these sandals will keep your feet comfy all day, every day.

An American cult classic, Salt Water Sandals also perfectly suit the Australian lifestyle. Created from durable leather, they mould to the feet with repeated wear, and this process is sped up by getting them wet, making them a fantastic choice for wearing to the beach. 
With buckles made from non-rusting brass, these sandals can be easily cleaned- simply throw in the washing machine! The soles are flexible and lightweight, as well as durable, so they'll stay wonderfully comfortable for a long, long time to come. 

 Saltwater Sandals Original in Silver are sure to be loved this summer, and make an excellent gift, or a fantastic new sandal for yourself. 

♡ Stylish & trendy silver sandal in a classic design, with open toe
♡ Durable leather moulds to foot with repeated wear
♡ This process is sped up by wearing in water
♡ Soft leather lining

♡ Non-rusting brass buckles
♡ Tough, flexible soles
♡ Perfect for the beach, pool, or every day wear
♡ Sandals can be thrown in the washing machine to clean

This gift is perfect for:
 Birthday or holiday gift
 Everyday or beach wear
 "just because" gift 

Material: leather, brass buckles, synthetic sole

Available in sizes (SWS = Saltwater sizing):
Please note: The Salt Water Sandals (SWS) size can be found on the bottom of the sandal. 
EU 38 (SWS 6)
EU 39 (SWS 7)
EU 40 (SWS 8)


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