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Saltwater Sandals Women's Classic Slide Silver

Size Guide
Salt Water Sandals Size Guide

The following is the size chart for Salt Water sandals. For all queries, please contact our store at 02 9518 3061 or email us at Salt Water sizes are located under the sole of the sandals. This is the size that corresponds to the sizes under the "Salt Water" column in the following size guide.

Saltwater Sandals size chart

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Versatile, stylish and perfect for dressing up or down, the Salt Water Sandals Classic Slides in Silver are an ideal summer shoe. Not only do they look great with their metallic silver finish, they are comfortable and functional too, perfect for wearing all summer long.

The design is simple and smart, recreating the elegant Salt Water Sandal "Classic" design, in a slide style. They feature an elegant leather upper, adjustable feature brass buckle, and open toe, so they're practical and look fantastic.  Easy to wear, they're ultra comfortable, with leather upper and leather lining, perfect for long summer days at the beach, or when out and about.

Salt Water Sandals are a great choice for summer, as they can be worn in the water, and by doing so, you make the leather even more comfy.
The brass buckle won't rust, and they're super easy to clean, making them perfect for wearing all summer long, whether you're on a beach getaway, or hanging out at home.

  • Features:
    - Classic slide with open toe & back, in stylish silver colour
    - Feature front buckle can be adjusted for perfect fit
    - Easily slip on for all-day comfort
    - Ideal for wearing to the beach
    - Durable leather moulds to feet with repeated wear
    - Fantastically comfortable, with soft leather lining
    - Become even more comfortable & moulded to feet when worn in water
    - Non-rusting brass buckles

    - Durable, flexible soles
    - Easy to clean

     leather upper

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