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Nana Huchy Florence the Fairy Doll White

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Meet Florence, a beautiful fairy who lives deep in a magical kingdom, along with her fairy sister Paris. Florence loves all sorts of adventures and explorations, but her favourite is to visit the snowy mountains, where she sprinkles magical fairy dust... Her gorgeous fur collar keeps her warm and her white tutu and sparkly silver wings keep her hidden as she plays in the shimmering snow...

The Nana Huchy Florence the Fairy Doll White is a gorgeous doll that any little girl is sure to treasure. Perfect for playtime adventures, this doll is also perfect for displaying in their room, and for sleepy snuggles at bedtime.

♡ Gorgeous "Florence the Fairy" doll
♡ Features white tutu & sparkly silver slippers, bodice & wings
♡ 54cm tall, perfect for little ones & older children

This gift is recommended for: 
 Newborn or baby shower gift
 Birthday or other special occasion gift 
♡ "just because" gift 

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