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Kidz Lab 4M

Kidz Labs 4M Quicksand & Volcano

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The Kidz Labs Quicksand & Volcano Set is a fun and exciting set that kids will love. Perfect for any child who loves all things dinosaurs or science. 

There's so much to do with this fun set. Kids can build a surprising quicksand pool, and experience the amazing power of watching dinosaur skeletons as they sink slowly beneath the sands... The experience becomes even more fun as kids can unearth the skeletons for later assembly. 
Not only can kids uncover these fun dinosaurs, but they can make the volcano erup and create a fantastic prehistoric diorama!

A great gift that kids are sure to love, the Kidz Labs Quicksand & Volcano Set will give them so much pre-historic fun to explore. 

Kit Contains:
♡ Paper diorama set with mini paper display
 Plastic volcano
 Plastic quicksand pool
 Sand bags
 T-Rex skeleton set
 Dinosaur figurines
♡ Paint & paint brush 
 Detailed instructions
 Needed but not included: Corn starch, mixing bowl, teaspoon, stirring spoon, dishwashing liquid, vinegar, baking soda, red food colouring, water & old newspaper

This gift is appropriate /recommended for: 
♡ Birthday gift
Holiday or special occasion gift
 "just because" gift  

Recommended for ages: 8+

Boxed Dimensions: 21.5cm tall by 17cm wide by 5.5cm deep

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