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Janod Magnetic Rocket Large

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The Janod Stacking Rocket Large is a fantastic gift that kids will love. Combining imaginative play with the puzzle-play of a stacker, this rocket will encourage the development of skills like co-ordination, problem solving, shape recognition and more. 
Lots of fun, once kids have assembled the pieces, it's take off time! They can zoom their little astronaut around the room. This beautiful wooden stacker also makes a unique and fun room decoration when not being played with. 

♡ Gorgeous wooden rocket stacker
♡ Stacking toys are great for developing skills like co-ordination, problem solving & shape recognition
♡ Makes a beautiful room decoration when not being played with

This gift is recommended for:
♡ Birthday gift 
♡ Holiday or other special occasion gift
♡ "just because" gift

Recommended for ages: 2-6 years

Dimensions boxed:24.5cm tall by 14cm wide by 14cm deep

Materials: wood

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