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Heebie Jeebies Tesla's Lamp Plasma Ball

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The ultra-cool Heebie Jeebies Tesla's Lamp Plasma Ball 15cm is a fantastic gift for any science lover. Originally patented by Nikola Tesla in 1894, following experimentation with high-voltage currents, this plasma ball is a fun and colourful way of observing electrical discharges. You can even control the filaments using your finger to move them around the glass. Decorative, fun, educational- the Heebie Jeebies Tesla's Lamp Plasma Ball will wow kids and adults alike. 

How does it work?
The globe is a glass sphere, filled with 3 of the noble gases- neon, argon and xenon. When the high-frequency alternating current electrode in the centre discharges, it excites the gases, which then create plasma filaments that strike the inside of the globe. Wow! 
To control the current, you can put you hand or finger on the glass, which creates an attraction spot, due to the lesser resistance of the human body, allowing for a thinner, brighter tendril of plasma to form. 
As the gas heats up, the filament will move around; the filament is taken along as the gas becomes more buoyant. 

This gift is recommended for: 
♡ Birthday gift
♡ Christmas or other holiday gift
♡A unique, decorative item in your home

Recommended for ages: 8+

Material: Glass

Dimensions: 15cm diameter
Boxed dimensions: 30cm tall X 17cm wide X 17cm deep

*Please note: this item is not suitable for people with pacemakers

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