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Heebie Jeebies Galileo Thermometer 44cm

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The Heebie Jeebies Galileo Thermometer 44cm is a stunning and artistic way to keep track of the temperature. This beautiful thermometer is made from hand blown glass, and features 10 gorgeous baubles in a variety of appealing colours. With this beautiful thermometer, you can tell the temperature between 16°C -34°C  while also displaying a lovely, functional piece of art.

 The combination of fascinating science and a stunning visual display is sure to be a winner for anyone who loves all things science, or simply has an eye for unusual, decorative glass wear. The Galileo Thermometer 44cm is extremely popular with adults, as the thermometer is not only functional, but a beautiful piece of art too. It makes a wonderful gift for adults or older children, who will love this unusual, gorgeous and useful gift. As a  home decoration, it is sure to become a talking point, and will add some wonderful scientific appeal to your home. 

How does it work?
Each one of the multi-coloured glass baubles is individually weighted, which means that when the ambient temperature changes, and alters the temperature and density of the paraffin inside the thermometer, the baubles rise and sink according to their density. The Galileo Thermometer is accurate between 16 degrees and 34 degrees, with the bottom bauble of the top grouping measuring the current temperature.
The temperature is indicated by a metal disc on the end of each bauble, allowing you to read the temperature.  Galileo'sThermometer is based upon Galileo Galileo's discovery of buyoncy and denisty 400 years ago, so it is a fantastic way to teach science mad kids about new concepts. The principle of buoyancy determines whether or not objects rise or fall in a liquid, which is dependent upon the density of the liquid and the object placed within it. If the mass of the object is greater than the mass of the displaced liquid, the object will sink, and if it is less, the object will rise. 
Galileo discovered that as temperatures increase, the density of liquid decreases. This is what allows the baubles to rise within the temperature's cylinder, and, as each bauble is weighted differently, they will either begin to rise or start sinking at a specific temperature. This then allows you to get an accurate temperature reading.

Perfect for: 
♡ Birthday gift

♡ Christmas or other holiday gift
♡ Great as a functional, decorative item in your home

Recommended for ages: 12+
Material: Glass, contains parafin oil

Measures: 44cm tall

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