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Doudou et Compagnie Nature Bear with Doudou

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This Doudou et Compagnie Nature Bear with Doudou is a luxurious and beautiful French designed baby gift that's sure to be loved. Measuring 10cm tall, it is made of a luxurious soft material that little one's will love to feel. Founded in 1965, Doudou Et Compagnie has a long history of providing babies all around the world with comfort through their products. 

Features  & uses
♡ Premium gift box included
♡ Great unisex gift
♡ Luxurious French designed baby gift
♡ Machine washable
♡ Also available in blue and taupe
♡ Made from super soft baby friendly material
♡ Product dimensions: 10 (H) x 5 (W) x 2 (D) cm
♡ Product weight: approximately 150g
♡ Material: polyester

This gift is appropriate /recommended for: 
♡ Babyshower gift 
♡ Newbaby gift
♡ "just because" gift

Recomended for: newborn onwards

What is a doudou?
A doudou is a reassuring object that is meant to comfort us when we are sad or scared. It is our confidante and our friend. As adults, we are able to find things such as chocolates to comfort us when we are down. When we miss our friends or family, we simply check their updates on Facebook or even wear their favourite shirts. Babies have such needs too and as such, the comforter replaces chocolates and becomes their doudou. 

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