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Doudou et Compagnie

Doudou et Compaigne Lapin Bon Bon Rabbit Pink 26cm

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Luxuriously soft, wonderfully cuddly and perfect for naptimes, this is a comfort toy unlike any other, and makes an extra special gift for any newborn baby girl.
The Doudou Lapin Bonbon Rabbit  Pink 26cm is a delightful plush, that's part comforter and part cuddly friend. Made from ultra soft plush, this will be loved by bubs, giving them comfort and reassaurance as they snuggle and hold their snuggly new friend.  A gorgeous and thoughtful gift for bub, the Doudou Lapin Bonbon Rabbit Pink 26cm features cream fur and pink accents, making it lovely for baby girls. 

What is a doudou?
A doudou is a reassuring object that is meant to comfort us when we are sad or scared. It is our confidante and our friend. As adults, we are able to find things such as chocolates to comfort us when we are down. When we miss our friends or family, we simply check their updates on Facebook or even wear their favourite shirts. Babies have such needs too and as such, the comforter replaces chocolates and becomes their doudou. 

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