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Kidz Lab 4M

Clean Water Science by Kidz Labs 4M

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Help to save the environment. It's a cool water science experimental kit, great for school projects or for the holiday. Experience how water is filtered in a simple and pure way. This purifying system demonstrates the scientific way of extracting salt from sea water. All you need is a water glass and you're on your way to creating your own desalination plant. Contains a set of plastic filter system, active carbon, sand, rock, filter paper, and detailed instructions.

Kit Contains:
♡ 4 filter sections
♡ 4 filter plugs
♡ round filter base
♡ 3 bags of active carbon
♡ 3 bags of sand
♡ 3 bags of gravel
♡ 3 filter paper
♡ funnel shaped collector
♡ small plastic cup
♡ soft wax
♡ fishing line
♡ transparent tube
♡ 2x transparent caps
♡ silver reflector
♡ black plastic cup
♡ 2x metal washers
♡ experiment instruction guide with fun facts 

This gift is recommended for for: 
♡ birthday or holiday gift

♡ school projects or activities
♡ "just because" gift

Recommended for ages: 8+ 

Item size: 22 cm x 6 cm x 17 cm

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