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Atlas of Animal Adventures by Rachel Williams & Lucy Letherland

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Explore the world and learn all about amazing animals, with the Atlas of Animal Adventures. Run with the wildebeest in Kenya, explore with the Polar Bears of Greenland, mountain climb with the Giant Pandas of China, perform aerial acrobatics with the Hummingbirds of Costa Rica and much, much more with this fantastic book. With this book, kids can examine all seven continent maps, discovering all sorts of amazing animals, who live and survive in extraordinary ways, season to season. With hundreds of things to spot and wonderful facts to learn on every page, this is sure to be a new favourite, perfect for any child who loves animals.

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Recommended for ages: 5+ years

Publisher: Murdoch Publishers/ Wide Eyed Editions

Date Published: September 2016


Language: English

Number of Pages: 96

Dimensions: 37cm tall by 28cm wide by 1cm deep

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