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Atlas Of Adventures

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Beautifully illustrated, full of colour and detail, the Atlas Of Adventures is a fascinating read, full of information and fun facts. With thiswonderful book, kids can travel across the world, learning about culture, history, places, people,cultural events and more. With adventures ranging from sleeping under the Northern Lights, to learning to steer a gondola in Venice, Italy, to exploring the treetops of the Amazon, to painting yourself rainbow at the Holi Festival in India- this book has a wonderfully unique and fascinating take on world geography. The Atlas Of Adventures makes a beautiful gift for any child, that they're sure to love reading again and again.

This gift is recommended for: 
♡ Birthday gift
♡ Holiday or special occasion gift
♡ "just because" gift 

Recommended for ages: 5+ years

 Wide Eyed Editions

Date Published:
 February 2015


Language: English

Number of Pages:  96 pages

Dimensions: 27.6cm x 38cm x 18cm

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