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Anarkid Paint Long Sleeve Bodysuit Ink Navy

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The Anarkid Paint Long Sleeve Bodysuit in Ink Navy is a lovely choice for your baby boy this winter. Made from organic cotton, it will be gentle and soft against their skin, keeping them warm while still being breathable and comfortable.

The design is legless, with long sleeves, making it perfect for wearing by itself on warmer days, or layering as the weather gets cool. Team with leggings or trackies to create a cute little outfit that will keep them warm on even the coldest days. The pattern features Anarkid’s signature eye for unique style, with a white ‘paint’ pattern on a deep navy blue, making this a stylish little outfit for any baby boy. Other features include the stretch shoulders for easy dressing, and press-studs at the bottom for easy nappy changes.

A beautiful gift or a cute, everyday outfit for your own little boy, the Anarkid Paint Long Sleeve Bodysuit Ink Navy is sure to be loved this winter.

Why Choose Organic? 
Anarkid Clothing has been created using GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified organic cotton, and has been grown without harmful pesticides or fertilisers. Not only is this better for your little one, as it is soft and gentle against their skin, it’s also a great choice for the planet, keeping waterways and soil free from pollution in the communities where the cotton is grown, preserving them for future generations.
GOTS certification means that not only is the cotton grown organically, but that high-level environmental and social standards are met, including fair trade conditions for workers such as fair pay and not working excessive hours, plus many more, so it’s a fantastic choice for your child, and the planet.

Long sleeved, legless design is great for layering, or in-between seasons
Stylish “paint” design in white on navy 
♡ Has snap closures at legs for quick nappy changes
Stretch shoulders allow for easy dressing
Soft, comfy organic cotton, perfect for keeping them warm this winter

This gift is recommended for: 
 Newborn or baby shower gift
 Birthday or holiday gift 
♡ "just because" gift 

Material: 100% Organic Cotton

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