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Love to Dream Size Guide and FAQ

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Summer Lane is an official stockist of Love to Dream. We see mums and our babies everyday.  We have compiled a quick size guide here for your convenience. Choose the correct size according to your child's age or weight depending on the product. 

How To Choose The Right Size Product

Swaddle UP or Swaddle UP 50/50

These are compression garments so we highly recommend that you choose the product that is closest to your baby's weight to experience the full benefits of this product. If you purchase a swaddle that's too big for your baby, the neckline could be too loose, which can be potentially dangerous.
Size  XS S M L XL
Weight 2-3.2kg 3-6kg 6-8.5kg 8.5-11kg 11-14kg


Inventa Sleep Bag

Size  4-12 months  12-36 months
Weight 6-9.5kg 9.5-14.5kg


Nuzzlin Sleep Bag

Size  4-12 months 12-18 months 18-36 months
Weight 6-9.5kg 9.5-11kg 11-14.5kg


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. What is a TOG rating?

The TOG measurement, typically used in Europe, refers to the approximate warmth of the product by measuring the thermal insulation provided by it's material. Basically, the higher the TOG, the warmer the product.

TOG rating uses an ascending scale from cool and lightweight products at 0.2 TOG to warm and cosy products at 2.5 TOG.

Remember to check your baby regularly to ensure they don't overheat.

Q. How many Swaddle UPs or Swaddle UP 50/50s do I need?

We highly recommend that you purchase at least two swaddles in the right size. If you own two, you can wash the soiled one while your baby wears the other. This will help minimise any disruption to your routine. It will be helpful to consider even having a third swaddle on hand in case of emergencies.


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