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[Guide] - How To Fit Your Child In 4 Easy Steps

This is a quick guide to help you work out your child's shoe size. Want to skip the words? Watch the video instead.


1. Measure

You can measure your child's foot with just an A4 piece of paper and pen. Draw out an outline of the foot. It's highly recommended that your child put their whole weight on the foot (I usually get children to lean slightly forward to achieve this). This is just to make sure that the foot is flat and stretched out.

Bobux shoe guide: Step 1 - Draw an outline

2. Wiggle room

Always leave some wiggle room at the toe. This will make sure that the foot has room to grow. The general rule of thumb is half a thumbnail's worth of wiggle room is good.

Bobux shoe fitting guide by Summer Lane: ensure there is enough wiggle room

3. Breathable and light material

When selecting footwear for children, it is important to go for materials that are breathable and light. Bobux tends to use a mix of leather and canvas in the design of its shoes to achieve breathability.

How to fit children for shoes: Breathable and light materials are important

4. Re-measure every 6 to 12 months

Children of all ages grow at different rates. In general, a child can experience 3 to 4 growth spurts a year; hence the need to measure their feet every 6 months. 

How to measure your child's foot

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