As a podiatrist and physiotherapist, Caroline McCulloch saw many female patients and she noticed a gap in the market. Often comfortable shoes are not stylish, or stylish shoes are just not comfortable.  It's not before long that Caroline turned into a footwear designer. She is on a mission to provide women with the ultimate foot supporting benefits, packed into styles that they can feel confident wearing.

There are 3 main components of a shoe that ensures comfort:

1. The Sole - the foundation of a shoe
2. The Footbed - along with the sole, this provides foot support and cushioning.
3. The Upper - dictates the fit of a shoe

Caroline is responsible for each of the above components of every FRANKiE4 shoe designed. 

With an understanding of body mechanics, every single FRANKiE4 shoe is designed with each of these components to alleviate and prevent foot pain without looking like a chunky orthopaedic shoe. Caroline's designs keep the shoes slimline, light and on trend. The shoes are made of beautiful leather and leather lining too. Read more about FRANKiE4's custom fit.

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