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6 Tips on How to prevent nits for children

February 13, 2017

There is no doubt at all that nits are a menace. You can do anything and everything within your abilities to keep them off your family. Unfortunately, your efforts may not be fruitful if you have school going children. The reason is simple. Children can easily pass nits to each other at school.

1. Personal Hygiene

It all starts with good hygiene practices. This means ensuring that your kid sleeps in clean bedding and secondly, he or she always has on clean children’s hats. Lice cannot stand a clean environment so maintaining basic hygiene practices will give you a higher hand when it comes to combating nits.

2. Sharing Items

Children are naturally generous. They often find it hard to say no to their friends and playmates. This leads to spreading head lice at school. Encourage your kids to avoid sharing combs, brushes, children’s hats, towels, headsets, coats and scarves. Encourage your kids too to keep these items in clean spaces. They may be clean but once stored in a bed or closet with lice; your child will definitely end up with head lice.

3. Inspect Your Child’s Attire

Start with his or her favourite children’s hats. Then take your time to look for nits in his or her hair. If, by any chance, you suspect he or she could be infested, use mild baby shampoo. Then clean his or her clothes with a strong detergent. Note that washing those children’s hats and other attires can only work when the nits are still on their toddler stages. Once they spread, getting rid of them may be next to impossible.

4.Recognise Symptoms

Checking out for nits on the linings of children’s hats may not be enough. You have to go an extra mile and look for symptoms beyond Toshi hats. Common symptoms include an itchy scalp, sores on the neck and small red bumps on the scalp. 

5. Head to Head Games

There are lots of head to head games that children enjoy. It is hard to keep off these games.  That said; do not force your child to wear children’s hats all the time. Simply encourage your child to keep off games that may force his or her heads to come in contact with that of other children. 

6. Do not be harsh

It may be hard for your kid to observe the said tips.  That said; do not scorn your child if he or she gets infected despite your efforts to keep your home lice free. Let him or her learn from the experience. Then take time to teach your child how lice spread and why they are health hazards. That way, it will be easy for your kid to take care of himself or herself at home and school.

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